M3 MOVERS TAKE PRIDE IN THE QUALITY OF SERVICES. We take the time to fully understand your moving needs. We work hard to earn your trust before every lifting that first box onto the truck. With our expertise, you will get execellent of moving experience. So the talent to make sure everything goes smooth is definitely there. We take pride in doing a good job for you.

M3 MOVERS GET THE MOVE DONE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE and thats will save your money What sets us apart from the competition is that we don’t over complicate your move – we keep it simple.

M3 MOVERS HANDLING EVERYTHING WITH CARE!. We understand that IT equipment is a sensitif and expensive goods, we can take care of it. The key to protecting your belongings is a good handling and packing and we have the experience

M3 MOVERS PROVIDE DOMESTIC MOVING SERVICES IN INDONESIA, depend on your situation and needs, covering all aspect of It Equipment moving and racking from A to Z taking each IT Equipment in consideration with much attention and care, our philosophy of work is customer satisfaction, we deliver for you with the reasonable price.

IT Moves to customer site
Our Services :

  • Site Survey : For safety reason and have a good planning we need to do site survey for an unfamiliar product specially for a huge and a heavy product.
  • Packing : For used product and for domestic move outside the city we need packing the product with safety and
  • Moves : We can moves your product to your customer site in city as well as domestic moves around in Indonesia.
  • Unpacking and Mounting : We can help your engineer for unpacking and mounting the product to the Rack. It willsave your engineer time when theyneed install and power on the product.
  • Administration : We can pick up your delivery order and returned back after customer received and signed the documents.


  • Jl. Prof Dr. Latumenten
  • Gg Rahayu 2 No. 2
  • Jakarta Barat
  • Phone :021-22635367, 021-63868568


  • MM 2100 industrial estate
  • Cibitung
  • Bekasi


  • Bintaro Sektor 9
  • Tangerang
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