M3 MOVERS has over the years undertaken many projects to move IT Hardware and IT equipment for many companies and organisations in Indonesia.M3 MOVERS provide professional packer who have skills, experiences and operational expertise when undertaking large IT-Data Centers and Infrastructure components. Our services include site survey, site coordination, packing, loading/unloading and moving, by our professional expertise, contingency planning and insurance.M3 MOVERS have the capability to Dismounting Servers, Tape Library, UPS, SAN and DAS Storage, Tape Drives, Routers, and others. After removing these items from racks or other assemblies, pack and transport and then unpack and completely re-mounting and ready to power up.M3 MOVERS have moved large installations of Oracle, IBM, HP, DELL, SUN, HDS, Cisco, NetApp, Emerson. We provide all in one solutions for your IT equipment moving with a single point of contact

M3 MOVERS experience in handling various IT products and network equipment

Our Service :

  • Site Survey : For safety reason and have a good planning we need to do site survey for an unfamiliar product specially for a huge and a heavy product.
  • Planning : We can involve in discussion with the project manager, engineer, data center user about the scheduling, time frame, scope of service, etc.
  • Identification and Labeling : We can help customer to identification the server based on the list and labeled and documented then the recording the IT-Data Centers & IT Infrastructure Moves and Relocations serial number and rack position every single server will be moved.
  • Dismounting : We have experience in dismount the server from rack or the systems board from the rack. This step is very important to minimized the risk when the server and rack move.
  • Packing : We pack the product very careful and safe, the we should labeled every single box to identify the unit and group category.

Our Service :

  • Moves : We can moves your product to your customer site in city as well as domestic moves around in Indonesia.
  • Unpacking and Mounting : We can help your engineer for unpacking and mounting the product to the Rack. It will save your engineer time when they need install and power on the product.
  • Administration : We can pick up your delivery order and returned back after customer received and signed the documents.

M3 MOVERS can moves and relocate your data center not only in city but all around in Indonesia


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